How to shop smart and healthy !

How to shop smart and healthy !

How many times have you been to the supermarket to buy 2-3 things that you need and end up leaving with your trolley full and a three-digit number receipt?
Follow the tips below to make shopping smarter, healthier and affordable!


1. List!
Always make a list before you go to the supermarket. Don’t forget to check your cupboards and fridge before leaving home and take notes for what you need for the whole week.


2. How to navigate in the supermarket

Your main focus should be on the perimeter of the store (milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish) while in the centre you will find the more processed foods. So instead of crossing the aisles one by one, concentrate your shopping on the outer perimeter of the store.


3. Don’t go hungry
It’s obvious that if you go on an empty stomach you will buy more and you will be tempted to buy sweets and/or savoury snacks! The feeling of hunger can also affect your decision-making skills on what to buy.


4. Do not overlook frozen products
Frozen products are no longer considered of poor quality. These products become frozen exactly at the best stage of their ripening process, which means that the taste and nutrients remain intact. In addition, frozen products last longer and can always be available in your fridge.


5. What is the best time to shop?
Most people do their shopping on the weekends so that they can prepare for the coming week (therefore weekend is rejected!).
In the middle of the week supermarkets have fresh fruits and vegetables, another reason to avoid supermarkets on weekends
According to recent studies in Europe the best day to visit a supermarket is … Wednesday! (less people, more offers).

Ideal Time: The best time in the week is before 4-5 pm where everyone finishes work, or at 8-9pm.


Extra tips:
1. Use discount coupons only for products you were already going to buy.
2. Go when the kids are at the school: If the kids come with you, they will definitely be asking you to buy them products like crisps, candies or chocolate bars (and it’s not pleasant to always say no).
3. Don’t buy ready-made snacks (cookies, crisps, biscuits etc.) for occasions like “unexpected visitors”.
4. Always check for expiry date. You will save money and time.
5. Remember to always check your receipt for wrong charges.


Eleana Liasidou
Clinical Dietitian- Nutritionist, MSc



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