In collaboration with the clinical dietitian, a comprehensive assessment is conducted and an appropriate nutritional therapy intervention is completed, always based on each individual’s medical profile and dietary history. In a friendly environment, the clinical dietitian takes into account all of the above and also gives solutions to various everyday struggles and nutritional issues essential for the delivery of a quality health care.

To reach the desired weight and achieve the ideal body composition, an exclusive diet plan is developed based on personal food preferences and physical activity.

Treatment of obesity focuses on modifying faulty behaviours related to diet and exercise. Our goal is to assist, consult and to integrate appropriate eating habits in order to help them maintain a healthy weight. Family support is a vital aspect in establishing healthier lifestyle that the child will follow during his adulthood.

Our preoccupation of body weight/shape can lead to eating disorders. It can happen at any stage in our lives but it typically appears during teenage years. It can cause adverse effects and is characterised by irregular eating habits, which can ultimately damage an individual’s well-being.
The aim of the intervention is to help an individual work through food myths, misconceptions, and fallacies that may be believed about food, weight, and intake as well as learning about emotional connections related to food intake.

Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood & Elderly

The nutritional requirements for essential nutrients, minerals and trace elements are different in each age group. In each case, a personalised nutrition program is established based on the individual’s needs with close clinical monitoring that ensures a balanced diet.

We discuss, consult and advise on everyday dietary challenges. Proper nutrition education is essential and can positively affect patient care. We provide appropriate guidance and counselings and apply our nutrition knowledge with update solutions and skills to all aspects of health care in order to effectively assess the dietary intake and provide appropriate treatment to our patients. Through our constant training on dietary challenges, our objective is for you to adopt healthy eating behaviours.

Athletes need special nutritional treatments to improve their health, manage their weight and maximise their performance. This individualised program is developed based on the type of sport, duration of the training, physical condition, medical history, habits and food preferences of the athlete.

Obtaining the necessary data to assess the nutritional status of a patient is essential for optimal patient care, especially for patients at high risk. Clinical disease may relate to diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal or kidney cases, liver diseases, cancer, endocrine, metabolic diseases, etc.

We are dealing with special dietary conditions such as food allergies, food intolerance, vegetarianism, periodic fasting or even situations that aim to exclude certain food groups. Our target is to promote a nutritional intervention and create specialised dietary plans based on each case.

The enteral and parenteral nutrition process and dysphagia relate to special feeding situations, in such cases where we often observe a lack of appetite, weight loss and weakness. This is why the presence of a Clinical Dietitian is necessary. The aim is to find an adequate feeding pattern , to meet the daily fluid needs , essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, with the main target being to to avoid malnutrition.

The Change Eat team enables dietary tracking on your own space. The aim of this service is to provide a high level of nutritional support to people with very limited time and especially to people with severe mobility problems that are unable to access our site.