Change Eat team cooperates and provides collective services which are designed for excellent and high quality results!  United as one, they work together for multiple and challenging situations, undertake menus designs in restaurants, cafes etc. At the same time, they organize small events and presentations to inform the public about nutrition and health issues.

Change Eat team works together as one, combining their knowledge to solve multiple or complex conditions and cases. In certain conditions, where a patient may or may not be hospitalized, the contribution of the whole group may be needed to resolve the incident. Moreover, in order to provide the most suitable nutritional intervention, we observe the patient in their own place, if necessary.

Change eat group provides educational services to the public via seminars, presentations and nutritional workshops. The wide variety of topics includes healthy snacking at work, proper nutrition for better school or work performance, lectures for morning meals and eating healthily. Counseling and educational services were created to provide healthy eating guidelines in workplace and public environment.

Recipe analysis includes nutritional facts such as caloric content in a single serving, macronutrients - micronutrients and healthy benefits of a certain ingredients. The aim is to inform the consumer about the nutritional value of a food portion. We also provide nutritional information analysis and education in nutrition labels and we offer analysis and adjustment for restaurant and hotel menus including gluten and lactose free meals, vegetarian dishes etc.

A perfect new unique service constitutes a learning experience providing nutritional education to customers. The consumers at the end of the training they are able to identify a variety of healthful options, understand nutrition facts labels and recognized the information on food labels and the analysis of the ingredients and therefore be able to make smart- healthy choices.

Change Eat organizes seminars and workshops, with interesting topics for health and nutrition. The aim is to discuss topics that are interested to the public

This service aims to compose a diet plan according to the needs of the group on a weekly or monthly basis. Addressed to sports, dance groups or other groups of people who are found to be in homes for the elderly. The aim of Change Eat team is to improve at a group level, the dietary habits and thus the performance, health status and quality of life, accordingly.

This service offers menu preparation and analysis for private clinics, restaurants, hotels, cafes etc.

The service refers to small groups in order to discuss thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to health and nutrition. The target in each group session is for the clients to be able to achieve a productive debate among them in order to gain knowledge and at the same time to have mutual support and motivation in achieving their individual goals.