Have you ever imagined that your personal clinical dietitian can be with you anywhere and any time while you are abroad or far enough from our offices? With the Change Eat OnLine service it is now possible!

Change Eat OnLine helps people who want to improve their health or body weight, but for any reason they cannot visit our offices. Now, people who are abroad or very far from our headquarters and cannot visit us; they can choose this nutritional support and high-level service. This continuous and individual monitoring is an innovative method of achieving the dietary habits needed, while managing the weight and fat mass.

By using this service, you can get personalized nutritional support via email and have your meetings via Skype.

All nutrition plans are designed taking into consideration the individual’s needs, lifestyle, health status, dietary preferences and daily habits.

Get the online service:

Call (+357) 77 77 77 51 or just send an email at: [email protected].

Steps to complete the process:

  1. Fill and send the questionnaire. DOWNLOAD

(It is important to think and answer carefully each question)

  1. To complete the request your payment should be validated. The personal bank account details will be sent to you
  2. Once the questionnaire and your payment procedure will be completed, we will contact you to arrange a session via Skype and for any further clarifications
  3. By the end of the session and in 2-3 working days, you will receive the nutrition plan along with all necessary instructions