1st Session

  • 1. During the first visit, your medical and dietary history is discussed in depth, aiming to prepare your nutrition plan as individualized as possible.
  • 2. In cooperation with you, we set both short - and long - term goals.
  • 3. Nutritional education with the first basic steps that will help you implement the plan.


  • 4. Anthropometric & body fat measurements and explanation
  • 5. Build-up of your individualized nutrition plan
  • 6. Questions and answers


Follow up visits are necessary in order to achieve your goals, monitoring your progress (weight, body fat, muscle mass and etc.), discussion of the nutritional plan and changing meals and snacks, and/or education on nutrition topics and answers to any questions.


1. Starter Kit

  • 1st Session
  • 1 Follow-up visit
  • 1 Body composition measurement


2. Happy Couple (2 people)

  • 1st Session (together)
  • Follow-up visit
  • 1 Body composition measurement (each)


3. Corporate Wellness

  • Presentation  at workplace by dietitians


*** All packages are prepaid and are valid for one month. For more info and details regarding the packages please contact us.