Do’s and Don’ts of #Stayhome

Do’s and Don’ts of #Stayhome

Many people worry every day and wonder how they will be able to stay focused on their goals, in this difficult time while staying at home with daily negative thoughts and concerns. . .


“ How can I not gain weight after eating all day? ”

“I don’t weigh myself anymore! I’m afraid to get on the scale, with all that I’m eating these days. And it is just the beginning!”

“I’m not a person that stays home … I’m always doing something outside the house! I will definitely turn to food. “

“I get anxious and eat emotionally.”

We are all worried, but we should not panic and eat everything around us! During this quarantine, we have to spend most of our time indoors, so it is important to see how we can make the most of this free time without falling into the common MISTAKES. Don’t feel “trapped” in your own house, there are many things you can do and take advantage of all this free time!


1. Don’t forget to get the most necessary food that every household should be equipped with at the moment, without unnecessary purchases and exaggerations! And since you will definitely be provided with the necessary foods, make sure you try new recipes and flavors. Do the so-called “meal prep”, i.e. larger quantities of a specific meal, and put food in the freezer, which you can use later.


2. Unfold your cooking skills. Now is your chance! Find recipes you were planning to do for a long time, but you’ve never been in the process. Visit our blog and find recipes that already exist and stay tuned as new ones will be published soon ( .


3. You can encourage your children in the process of “creating in Mama’s kitchen” whether it is a dessert or a main dish! The children will be excited as they will have the chance to make something with you.


4. Do not fill your cupboards with unnecessary snacks! You will not achieve anything by eating all day unhealthy snacks, rich in calories, fat, sugar and salt. You tend to lose your weight goal and all you will achieve is an increase in fat, while at the same time you risk your health!


5. Learn to distinguish the feeling of emotional and biological hunger! Spending many hours at home and especially when you are not doing something creative, it is easy to constantly confuse the feeling of hunger with the feeling of boredom and consequently to snack on something constantly.


6. Organize your meal schedule during the day and try to be as consistent as possible! This will make you more confident about the amount of food and the times you eat! Important: always make sure you eat in a plate and not through a pan, pot or product package.


7. Cut some fruits, make homemade popcorn, carrot sticks, celery, eggplant, cauliflower, make homemade energy balls or homemade bars, make your favorite yogurt with some nuts or honey. Equip your home with rice wafers, breadsticks or crackers or wholemeal breadcrumbs that you can combine with peanut butter, tahini or cottage cheese to satisfy your “hunger” moments without overdoing it!


8. Drink water, because you will definitely confuse the feeling of your thirst with hunger! Many are those who, while feeling thirsty, especially during these hours, will feel that it is time to pinch something by neglecting the hydration of their body.


9. Exercise at home or in your yard or take a walk in the neighbourhood. Exercise will help you get a little out of the daily explosion of COVID-19 news and you will definitely feel that you are doing something good for yourself.


10. And don’t forget having quantity and quality of sleep at the right times. Do not take advantage of the situation and sleep very early in the morning or not at all!! It will definitely affect your health, and your metabolism!


Constantina Philippou

Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist , MSc